Team Divisions








Graphics Design

Volunteer Project

In order to organize the team, team members are separated into divisions based on their preferences. Also, divisions enable the team to achieve more and allow students to participate in a wide variety of programs.

Chairman’s Division:
Apply for FIRST Chairman’s Award (Includes essay, video, and 5 minute presentation)
Do Technical Writing for business documents and grants
Electronics Division:
Develops and maintains all wiring and electrical components on robots
Programming Division:
Uses C++ to code robots
Build Division:
Develops and maintains all mechanical components on robots
Scouting Division:
Analyzes robots during competitions in order to choose alliances
Pits Division:
Maintains robot during competitions
Graphics Design Division:
Uses CAD, Inventor, and Photoshop to develop robot models, animations, and images
Media Division:
Works with Staten Island Technical High School’s TV Studio to develop and edit television episodes and videos
Maintain social media networks
(Website, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube)

Volunteer Project Divisions:
Several divisions for team members participating in different volunteer projects such as TechStyles, Lego, and Project Homefront

Current Members


Bahira Ahmed
Elizabeth Albano
Abigail Brown

Jia He Chen
Roy Finkelberg
Jake Gilman

Winson Ip
Daniel Moses
Madhav Nakar
Hamza Qureshi
John Joseph Salvador
Dhvanil Shah
Daniel Shalmiyev
Carroll Shen
Anthony Striano
Dante Volpe
Maitreya Yogeshwar


Jawad Braick
Steven Cherney
Philip Cina
Youssef Ebid
Francis Foo
Jason Fu
Maisha Ikra
Curtis Mason
Daniel McGrath

Andrew Njeim
Allen Ravitsky
Benjamin Reichman

Thayanie Sandrakumar

Ben Segall

Kia Sucich

William Toledo
Daniel Yoon

Paul Zheloznov


Adham Ahmed
Yousef Alsayid
Julia Balla
Max Becker
Ryan Bello
Justin Bolusi
Nicholas Cupo

Timothy Goltser

Evan Grand
Shah Hakim
Mike Klamkin
Omer Kocer
Rebecca Lee
Bahij Nemeh
Dylan Olk

Rayan Perera
Thomas Strmel
Chris Tan

Tammy Yang
Steven Zeldin


Zeynep Akpinar

Jacky Bian

Henry Chen

ZiRong Chen

Linus Chiu

Luis Lobato Corcamo

Nour Eltony

Annie Eng

Yahya Faragallah

Nadil Gamage

Raymond Grishko

Hana Kassem

Ronald Kogan

Edward Leibowitz

Thomas Liberman

Andy Lin

Xin Rong Liu

Kristain Marino

Pawan Perera

Caitlin Schroeder

Joshua Shuster

Deborah Silver

Amandeep Singh

Rinny Singh

Pamela Stark

Eric Stein

Anne Zats